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5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is something our bodies make.  We get an essential amino acid called tryptophan from food, which gets converted into 5-HTP.  This chemical is then converted into serotonin, a crucial brain chemical that plays an important part in regulating our moods and behavior.  It is not found in the foods we eat, but can […]

5-HTP Reviews

September 20, 2016
I have been doing a lot of research lately on Smart Drugs.  These are natural drug products that are used to increase brain function in a whole variety of ways.  I like to call them brain food.  One that I came across a little while ago is called Ashwagandha, and I have now been taking […]

Ashwagandha Reviews

September 20, 2016
Ginseng: My Experience with This Smart Drug What is Ginseng? I’m currently working toward my Ph.D. and that, in conjunction with my career and family, is a considerable load to bear. Because I’m not one to give up when I’ve set my mind to achieve a goal, I began researching ways I can improve my […]

Ginseng Reviews

September 20, 2016
For those of you familiar with Piracetam or Smart Drugs in general, you will want to check out Oxiracetam. For those of you not familiar with nootropics, a Racetam Smart Drug is used to increase memory, attention span and mental function overall.  What I like about Oxiracetam is that it is a more potent version […]

Oxiracetam Reviews

September 20, 2016
I started taking Picamilon to aid in reducing the frequency of my debilitating headaches. For years I thought the cause of my headaches was related to the changes in barometric pressure, but it was not until I started tracking the frequency of my headaches that I realized they are linked to my cycle. I relied […]

Picamilon Reviews

September 20, 2016
I am a 47 year old male, relatively healthy until recently I have not been as active as I should be. All my life I have suffered from anxiety and depression, sometimes more often than not. As I have gotten older my social anxiety has increased and my lows are more often than I can […]

Pramiracetam Reviews

September 20, 2016
Where do I start? Phenylpiracetam is the be all and end all when it comes to Smart Drugs, in my opinion. I returned to work after what many would consider a very short maternity leave. The brain fog was like nothing I ever thought was possible. Long nights at the office and interrupted sleep on […]

Phenylpiracetam Reviews

September 20, 2016
A few years back at Christmas time my wife gifted me with a trip to Banff, Canada to visit my younger brother. He had been living out west for a couple of years and we unfortunately had had an opportunity to connect in person since he came through on a solo bicycle tour of Ontario […]

Vinpocetine Reviews

September 20, 2016
Last year was a massive wake up call for me. I went through a pretty trying time in my life – an emotional separation after a 13 year marriage, moving myself and my three young children to a new town, reestablishing myself in the working world. There was a lot of change and a lot […]

Huperzine A Reviews

September 20, 2016
I have been taking Alpha GPC as a Smart Drug for approx three months now and I am very pleased with the results. I am a father of two little girls and I work by day in the public service field for the city I live in. As a side job I am professional referee […]

Alpha GPC Reviews

September 20, 2016

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