The Best Smart Drugs for Energy

Getting more energy isn’t as simple as popping a pill and feeling good. There is a vast science behind the best smart drugs for energy. You have to know how they work, why they work and exactly what they do before delving into the world of nootropic supplements. Often this requires a good amount of internet research to decide which ones will give you the vast amounts of energy you need, a consultation with someone knowledgeable about these medications, like your doctor or natural health doctor and then research into the best and most reputable companies selling supplements. Read on to find out who, what, where, when, why and how smart drugs can work for you.

The Who

Anyone can take smart drugs, including children, but of course, being advised and followed by a medical professional is always advised when taking any substance, no matter how natural for long periods of times. Smart drugs are not exempt from side effects and long term effects on the body and brain, so consult with your doctors before beginning any regime of smart drugs for increased energy.

The Why

Lacking energy can really impact your life and everything you do. When you feel tired, you lack motivation to do a good job, to get something started and to really give it your all. This affects your relationships, your job, your health and much more. You could be lacking energy because you don’t get enough sleep, because you have too much to do or just because your brain chemicals are optimized. Either way, smart drugs can help you get back some of that energy you lack and make you feel like a whole person again. Smart drugs can help you have better relationships because you’ll stop saying no to your spouse as much, you’ll go out with friends more and not take off early and you’ll actually be able to focus and listen to their conversations (even if you’ve heard the same story 1,000 times before). Smart drugs can improve your job because you’ll be better able to focus on the task at hand, improving your efficiency and getting more done in less time. Those meetings where you struggle to keep your eyes open – you’ll get more out of them as you’ll be better able to concentrate on what the speakers have to say, even if the room is stuffy and you had a donut for breakfast. As well, exercise won’t seem so daunting once you have the energy to do it. Getting in better physical shape will also improve your energy levels on its own, so taking nootropic supplements to gain energy to work out will have a dual and long-lasting effect on your health and body.

The How

Smart drugs work by making the processes inside your brain (that control your energy levels, mood regulation, focus, memory and more) more efficient. It isn’t as easy as taking whatever drug you think you are lacking in your brain, as some supplements can’t penetrate the blood-brain barrier and need to work with other nootropic substances (also known as stacking) to have the best results and give you what you need. Your neurotransmitters work more optimally with the effect of the drug, depending on why and what dosage of smart drug you are taking. There are a number of drugs on the market that improve brain functioning and also have the added benefit of giving you more energy at the same time. They also improve blood and oxygen flow to the brain, which in turn gives it to the other systems in your body and ultimately results in improved functioning and increased energy.

The What (and When)

So, what type of smart drugs are best for increasing energy? There are a number of smart drugs that will help you get the energy you desire. These include:

Modafinil – this smart drug is used for the worst cases and shouldn’t be used all the time. Generally, it helps treat sleep disorders like narcolepsy and sleep apnea as it gives users a large boost, similar to that of amphetamines.

Noopept – this smart drug plays with your neurotransmitters, increasing levels of Choline and Glutamate, sort of in a stimulant-like way. Taken daily, you’ll experience less fatigue and better concentration on the whole.

Caffiene – this one will increase your energy, but it is best taken with another nootropic (stacking) L-Theanine. You’ll get the boost, but no subsequent crash.

Adrafinil – similar to Modafinil, this smart drug is seen as one of the big guns in treating sleep disorders and severe lack of energy stores. Increasing motivation and keeping you awake is the general goal of this smart drug, but again, it should not be taken on a regular basis.

The When

Dosages and timing of dosages is one of the most important factors in taking smart drugs, after the initial research on what smart drug to take. You don’t want to take too much and risk potent side effects and you don’t want to take too little and not see any effect and think the medication doesn’t work. Again, talk to your health care person, as well as read up on what most manufacturers of the smart drugs recommend. If they all recommend 500 mg per day, then you know that might be your baseline, but these things can vary depending on your size, age and sex, so do your research.

The Where

You can buy smart drugs from a number of sources, including from some health care practitioners, health food stores and of course the internet (you can buy anything from the internet). But, buying from reputable companies is of the upmost importance as you want to know that what you are getting in your smart drugs is actually what they say you are getting. Research what companies are most reputable and asking medical professionals which brands they prefer is important.

Smart drugs can boost energy and have other great effects for the brain.

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