The Best Smart Drugs for Muscle Growth

Pumping up at the gym isn’t just about lifting weights, endless runs on the treadmill and eating endless BBQ’d chicken breasts. There is definitely a science to gaining muscle, losing fat and looking super buff for summer. Like everyone, we don’t have limitless time at the gym to devote to our getting fit efforts. We want to maximize the time we spend doing fitness so we do as little as possible for the best results.

Smart drugs were designed to improve cognition and brain function and your brain is one of the most important elements of your workout. You might think it is your biceps or your heart or even your lungs, but your brain takes the award for giving you motivation and sending the right signals to your muscles to tell them to grow.

How do we optimize our brain function so it promotes muscle growth and possibly fat loss? We use supplements, otherwise known as smart drugs. Read any bodybuilding magazine and you’ll see millions of ads for supplements designed to improve your performance, get you lean and get you toned. But, how do you know which supplements actually do the work they say they are going to do? And, how do these nootropic supplements actually work? Can you trust it?

First of all, smart drugs do work to improve your muscle mass, if you take the right ones, the right dosages and use reputable brands. Buying smart drugs from your buddy because he said he’s got the best stuff doesn’t really give you the confidence you need to know that this one is going to work for you. Researching companies while simultaneously speaking to your medical professional (i.e., your doctor, naturopath or other healthcare advocate) will allow you to know which are the best smart drugs for your situation and which brands actually perform up to par.

How do they work to help you gain muscle mass? Many supplements optimize your neurotransmitter levels so that your brain works at its peak performance, meaning your body will as well. Smart drugs won’t just put weight on for you, you still have to work at it, but your workout will be better optimized by the nootropics you are taking.


First of all, you need motivation to get going on a workout. Many people wake up with hopes and intentions of a good day ahead and many plan to go to the gym, go for a run or do an at-home workout. But, as the day presses on, work, kids, social obligations and other distractions get in the way and you lose your motivation. Taking smart drugs will increase your motivation to get some exercise. Seen as cognitive enhancers, smart drugs like Piracetam increase motivation and focus, both of which are vital to your exercise regime.

Boost Performance

Next, they can boost athletic performance. One great smart drug for helping with your muscle growth is Acetyl-L-Carnitine. This smart drug boosts testosterone, which is a main player in increasing muscle mass. As well, it helps you burn your stored fat instead of burning glucose during a workout, which means that you’ll get leaner, but still have energy and you won’t feel blood sugar crashes after a particularly vigorous workout.

Energy to the Body

Smart drugs increase energy. Many people take smart drugs just to have increased energy to get through their day, but increased energy will also definitely help you in a workout-sense. If you have more energy, you’ll do more squats, lifts and power through your workout more efficiently. You won’t get off the elliptical machine at 30 minutes because you are spent, you’ll stay on for another 20, which of course, increases your body’s muscle growth and helps you burn fat and calories too. Acetyl-L-Carnitine (the one we just spoke about) will also increase your energy. Other great ones for increasing energy include caffeine and Noopept.

Energy to the Muscles

Getting energy to your muscles is different from getting general energy in your body. Creatine is a super-popular smart drug that many bodybuilders take on a regular basis to maximize strength. Creatine encourages new growth in the muscle by letting you lift longer and harder. You have stores of creatine in your body and when you workout, these stores go down. Taking Creatine allows you to keep these stores topped up and ready to use when you need them. Choline supplements are another smart drug that optimizes the levels in your body to give your muscles energy. Eating eggs is a great way to get Choline into your body, but you’ll need to eat a carton of them regularly. Taking a Choline supplement might be easier.

Alleviating Metabolic Stress

When you work out, your body goes through some stress. Taking smart drugs like Phenibut help alleviate your body’s stress levels and allow you to work out longer and harder. Your muscles will give up after a certain period of moving and challenging them, but when taking a smart drug like Phenibut, your muscles will get more oxygen and not give up as soon.  It also has the added bonus of giving you a sense of calm, which means your anxiety won’t run rampant at the gym and you’ll be better able to handle your strenuous workout.

Smart drugs for muscle growth are not a new thing, but they are something that more people should be aware of, as it can improve your physical fitness immensely. As always, talk to your doctor to discover which medications are best to add to your fitness regiment, in which doses and to find out which brands are the most reputable, so you know you get some quality smart drugs.

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