The Best Smart Drugs for Sexual Performance

There truly is a smart drug for everything! Smart drugs can boost your sexual performance in a myriad of ways. Choosing the right smart drug from a reputable supplier after speaking to your medical professional can increase your libido, decrease your fatigue, improve your confidence and allow you to be a rock star in the bedroom again.

Most people think of smart drugs as cognitive enhancers, something to give you a boost to get more work done, help you concentrate and have improved focus. Well, all of those attributes work to your benefit in the bedroom as well and can definitely increase your sexual performance. They do say your brain is your largest sex organ.

With the mad rush of people’s lives these days, sex takes a back seat, which is unfortunate because most people want to be having sex and most people need to be having sex. And when I say sex, people want to have good sex, not just vanilla, let’s get it done and move on with our day sex. People want to have mind-blowing orgasms, satisfied partners who come back for more and memories to last them a lifetime. The first step to improving your sexual performance is to put sex at the top of your list. When you know that your sex life needs a reboot and you focus on improving it, you’re already ahead of the game. Take a look at what is stopping you from performing to your peak ability. Is it fatigue? Lack of desire? Anxiety about how well you’ll do? Body image issues? Relationship issues? If your brain is what is stopping you and not your body, then smart drugs are definitely a route you should take to increase your sexual performance.

There are many varieties of smart drugs, all of which work with your brain’s systems to improve its efficiency. When neurotransmitters aren’t working at their optimal levels, your brain and your body are going to suffer. They help to get these guys doing their job correctly so you can feel better and have a better life and that includes in the bedroom.


Modafinil is what is known as one of the stronger smart drugs on the market. It is usually only available with a prescription, but if you need it for disorders that affect your sleep (i.e., narcolepsy or sleep apnea), it can really be helpful. It isn’t something that people should take daily unless they absolutely need to as withdrawal and tolerance symptoms can occur and users say this can be a nasty side effect. If you need a good boost because you’ve been utterly exhausted, unable to focus and have that characteristic brain fog, Modafinil can help. This will help improve your sexual performance by giving you the much-needed energy you require to perform sexually, as well as to improve your focus and concentration so your partner and you get what you deserve.


Anxiety can have a very detrimental effect on sexual performance. How can you be at your best anywhere (work, at the gym, in the bedroom) when you are feeling panicked, anxious or general malaise? Many women report that they have low libidos because they just have too much on their mind. When you are thinking about the next bill payment, kid’s report cards or what your boss said to you earlier, you can’t really have a great time sexually. Similarly, if you are anxious about your body or your sexual performance, again you won’t have a great time and neither will your partner. Being anxious about sex only makes sex worse. Reducing your anxiety is pretty important to achieving heightened sexual performance. Using smart drugs to reduce your anxiety may result in an increased libido, along with more orgasms. One great smart drug that decreases anxious feelings is called Aniracetam. With Aniracetam, you’ll feel a general sense of well-being, which will boost your confidence and also your performance in return.


Dopamine levels have a huge effect on a person’s libido. When your dopamine levels are low, your general states of arousal, well-being and desire will also be low. When you don’t have physical or psychological reasons for your low libido, your dopamine levels may be to blame. Increasing these levels to a balanced place will definitely make your desire and libido go up. Doing this is tricky, as many systems work together to keep dopamine levels in check, but you can start with the smart drug called 5-HTP. It has the effect of increasing these levels, but you may want to find the right stack of smart drugs that can work together to increase dopamine levels.


When I speak about stacking, Choline is a great nootropic that can work in your smart drug stack. Alpha GPC is a Choline supplement, which works by improving Acetylcholine levels. Acetylcholine has a direct effect on arousal through the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Another Choline supplement is Citicoline, and either of these will help improve your sexual performance.


Known as a traditional Chinese medicine herb, many people take Ginseng on a regular basis for a variety of reasons. Mood improvement and increased energy are the most common reasons cited for taking Ginseng, but with these two effects comes an increased libido. As well, it increases nitric oxide, which is the primary effect you get from Viagra.

Speak to your doctor or naturopath about which smart drug will be right for your situation. You know you best and if you feel your sexual performance can be improved by the use of one of these smart drugs, go in and ask for it. Your doctor will know the right dosages to take and can give you advice on reputable companies and where to buy it.

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