The Best Smart Drugs for Social Anxiety

Ever seen that meme where the person at the party is sitting talking to the dog? That’s what happens when you have social anxiety. Social anxiety can range from slight to debilitating. Some people might get a little jittery and clam up when in social situations where they feel anxious (and these can range from talking to a friend to talking in front of a group). Others can’t even face regular social situations and do everything they can to avoid them. Some of the most common social avoidance techniques in public include:

  • Immersing yourself in your smart device
  • Reading at inappropriate times
  • Pretending to be asleep
  • Using headphones
  • Making phone calls to others who you feel more comfortable talking to
  • Standing away from the group
  • Using your work as an excuse to not engage

These are just a few of the tactics that socially-anxious people use to avoid having to face social situations while in public. A more severe avoidance technique could include not even leaving the house, for fear of being in public or in social situations. As well, social anxiety can lead to whole other host of problems, the least of which include eating disorders, panic disorder and even fear of abandonment. Anxiety is truly no joke. Obviously social relationships suffer when people have social anxiety, but it can also affect your academic and professional achievement as you might be too afraid to “speak up” or put yourself out there to your full potential. Kids with social anxiety won’t answer questions in class and adults with social anxiety won’t give input during group presentations.

Social anxiety can also change other’s perceptions of you, mainly based on your behaviour of avoidance. People might consider you stuck-up, not a happy person, unintelligent and more. Taking anxiety medications that your doctor prescribes you can be a solution, but anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills come with a wide range of side effects and the withdrawal period can be worse than the actual primary symptoms.

Smart drugs are a natural alternative to prescription medications for social anxiety. They work with your brain’s chemistry to change the way you think and feel, so you are calmer, more focused and more able to tackle the challenges in your world, including the social ones. When you have low levels of specific neurotransmitters like GABA, serotonin and dopamine, your brain might signal stress to your body and the result is the anxiety you are feeling. Your nervous system gets overstimulated because of the low levels of those important chemicals in your brain and tells you that you should be worried during even the most mundane of social situations. Smart drugs won’t make you more popular, more rich or better looking, but they can make you your best you. They will help you get the confidence you need to perform in social situations, allowing yourself the ability to converse with others.

Smart drugs don’t just work by decreasing anxiety. They have the added benefits of also boosting mood, improving focus and concentration and giving you a general feeling of well-being. All of these factors are beneficial in having a good experience during social situations. If you feel calm and focused, you’ll be better able to perform socially, speak to friends and strangers and use your intellect to the best of your ability.

There are two schools of thoughts when it comes to using smart drugs for social anxiety. Some people are fine on a regular basis, able to make friends, do social activities and feel good about themselves and these people don’t need a regular, every day smart drug regime. They might only feel social anxiety when it comes to presenting in front of a group, meeting new people or when engaging in social situations that involve their professional life. In this case, they’ll need something to give them a boost for those special times. Smart drugs like Aniracetam, L-Theanine or Picamilion are perfect for these types of situations.

Others experience social anxiety on a daily basis – at work or school, on public transportation and even at the grocery store. These people need something that will restore their neurotransmitter levels and keep them at a balance level for everyday performance. Other supplements like Magnesium or Ashwagandha can help with regular restoration for calm and decreased anxiety in social situations.

Aniracetam boosts serotonin, dopamine, glutamate and acetylcholine levels in the brain and these neurotransmitters have a very significant effect on anxiety in the people who have unbalanced levels. Because it reduces anxiety, boosts mood and increases concentration and memory, it makes it much easier to face social situations with ease. L-Theanine increases dopamine as well, but also GABA, so you’ll feel calm and focused. Picamilon is a derivative of GABA as well as niacin and will reduce anxiety as well as improve memory and help you have a feeling of clarity. What’s great about these three smart drugs is that they can work alone to increase your social confidence, or you can combine them to get the best effect. You can also combine them with the medications that you’ll use on a regular basis, so you take care of your daily anxiety along with your situational anxiety.

Magnesium is an essential mineral in the body and many people have a deficiency in it and this can be a good cause of increased social anxiety. It is great for calming the nervous system and when taken regularly, your levels can be brought back up to a level where you won’t experience that characteristic social anxiety or restlessness. You can also take the herb Ashwagandha, which is fine to take regularly and will promote feelings of calm and mental clarity as well. It has also been shown to protect the brain’s systems from further damage caused by stress.

Don’t let your brain take over for you in social situations. You can reach your potential with the help of smart drugs that decrease social anxiety, both over time and immediately. Speak to your doctor to find out if smart drugs are good for you and to get information on dosing and reputable suppliers of smart drugs.

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