The Business of Smart Drugs and a Smart Brain

Who wouldn’t accept the chance to have their brain working in an exceptionally relaxed, alert, and productive state? A person’s thought process, response, actions, activities, steps, and analysis fall under the ambit of a brain. The information it processes, the conclusions it reaches, and the decisions it makes dictates the success they achieve in life.

If a person is able expand the horizons of the brain, increase its retention capability, and its capacity, etc. they would waste no time in doing so. The realization of this dream has only been achieved in the past decade with smart drugs like Modafinil entering the market.

A Booming Business

Entrepreneurs are looking for new ideas to sell and the idea of supplements needs no selling. The idea of cognitive enhancers that can increase a person’s ability to make use of their brain was one too good to pass. This is why it is no surprise that companies like Nootroo and Nootrobox have jumped at the chance of introducing such a drug in the market.

As a medicine, the drugs have been in the market far longer. Scientists have been making use of most nootropics being introduced into the market that were historically used as remedies for patients of memory loss etc. It is only after business oriented minds have gotten hold of this idea that smart drug stacks have been put together and introduced into the market for use by the general public.

Tempting and easy to find

One of the qualities in these drugs is that they are readily available now as opposed to a few years ago when their use was restricted. Businesses selling these drugs have been able to introduce chewable and capsules into the market that make use of ingredients such as:

  • B6
  • B12
  • Bacopa Monnierri
  • Cafennie

On top of that, now most of these supplements are available for sale over the counter on a number of websites that also have the option of delivering these products. This made the access of the drug easy to consumers. Now there are a large number of smart pills for students easily available in university premises.

The Key to a Smart Brain

Despite the popular uproar in favor of the use of supplementation, there is a section of society that equates the use of these practices with cheating. According to them, a drug that is able to enhance the working of your brain is putting other people who aren’t using the drug at a disadvantage. Yet, the fact of the matter is that the key to a smart brain is in the brain itself, nobody can change the way a brain functions. This means it can only enhance the abilities people already have using the drug. For instance, an artist may experience a different boost in cognitive capabilities than a writer, or a student, etc.

This concept was explained by Yale’s professor for Neurological Sciences Professor Amy Arnsten who stated “You’re not taking Homer Simpson and making him into Einstein”. This explains the key to smart brain is being smart, and not taking a medicine, even if it is part of the best smart drugs category.

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