Cycle Smart Drugs to Avoid Tolerance

You’ve learned the basics of smart drugs, you know that they change your brain chemistry to optimize cognitive processes and you know that they can be super helpful in your daily processes. You may even have tried them and found they have positive effects on your cognition, levels of stress and help in almost every area of your life – from your social relationships to your professional life to your fitness routine and your sex life. But, over time, some smart drugs begin to lose their effectiveness. You become tolerant to them and you find you need to take more to get the same effect you got in the beginning. Instead of increasing the dosage, which can actually have a detrimental effect, you can cycle your nootropic stack to get the maximum effectiveness from them.

Smart drugs can also build up in your brain and this might cause issues in your brain and body. Continuous use of any medication could in fact cause your brain to produce too much of any one chemical and having too much of one neurotransmitter might be as detrimental as having too little. Cycling will help prevent your brain from producing too much, by giving it a much-needed break. You may find that you’ll still feel the effects of the supplement when you aren’t even taking it during your break time.

Another reason for cycling includes the fact that smart drugs can affect other bodily organs, namely the liver or nervous system and giving these systems a break is important. You also don’t want to develop a dependence on any drug, smart or not. You want your brain to work without the use of a smart drug, so taking regular breaks from the medication and using cycling methods is beneficial for your brain health.

What is cycling?

Cycling your smart drug means that instead of continuously taking the supplement regularly, you’ll take breaks or shorten the length of time you take it or cycle in other smart pills to replace the original one for a while. Essentially, you are alternating your use of the drugs so your brain doesn’t get accustomed to the drug or develop a tolerance. For example, once you’ve noticed that you get good effect from your supplement, you’ll decide on a specified length of time to take it (i.e., 30 days). You’ll then stop it for a week and start it again for another 30 days. The exact lengths of time will depend on the drug and its effectiveness and you might want to speak to your medical professional about exactly how long you want to stop and start it.

If you are nervous about stopping the smart drug because you really enjoy the good effects you get, it might be wise to take it until you start noticing that it gives you less of an effect than it did previously. If you have taken it for three months and start to see a decline in its effectiveness, you’ll know that you should cycle it about every 2.5 months so you don’t experience the decline and your stoppage period can be shorter.

In some cases tolerance happens after only a few days or weeks of taking a smart drug. In this case you might want to develop a system where you take the medication for a week, with a week off and cycle it that way.

Do your research

Doing research on cycling smart drugs is definitely helpful, but because smart drugs affect different people in different ways, what works for one person might not work for you. You are best to go with how well the smart drug works for you as opposed to when you develop a tolerance. It is going to take some trial and error to find the best cycling schedule for your own body. Keeping a log of when and how much of each smart supplement you take and its effects will give you a great observation of how well each certain smart drug is working for you.

Stacking and cycling

Many people stack their supplements, taking more than one at a time to get the best possible results. Cycling smart drugs when stacking can be helpful in ensuring that you have consistent results from your smart drugs. For example, if you are taking smart drugs for anxiety and stacking two different types, you can cycle in a different type of nootropic while you cycle one out. Another option is having periods of time where you take both medications, then periods of time where you take just one, then the other. You’ll get some anti-anxiety benefits without having to stop them altogether. For an ailment like anxiety where you need the smart drug for basis functioning, cycling can be tough, so ensuring you have one smart drug that is effective in your body regularly is important. While you might not get the most optimum effects on your cycling off weeks, you’ll still get some benefits from taking just the one drug (rather than the stack).

Smart drug quality

If you’ve been taking supplements for a while and aren’t noticing a great effect on your cognitive performance, consider where you are getting your smart pills from. Finding a reputable supplier for smart drugs is extremely important, as you want to ensure quality and correct dosages. Speaking to your natural-living practitioner can be helpful as they often have recommendations for companies who produce the best-quality smart drugs on the market.

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