The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Smart Drugs

Becoming an entrepreneur takes a special kind of person. There are certain skills you need to lead a life where you take such great risks to operate your own business. Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, from the freelance writer all the way up to the business tycoon, but all the most successful entrepreneurs have the same types of skill sets and these include:

  • Resiliency – the ability to weather the storm, no matter how often or how bad it is
  • Focus – ability to work to achieve your dreams without the typical management types watching over you
  • Self-reflection – ability to see when you should move forward and when you should slow down
  • Self-reliance – entrepreneurs need to be resourceful enough to only count on themselves
  • Desire to learn – entrepreneurs are always learning and educating themselves so their business can evolve with the times
  • Ability to handle stress – when you are only counting on your ideas and business to make money to feed your family, it can get stressful, so entrepreneurs need to know how to handle stress effectively
  • High level of energy – only counting on yourself means when you need to do something, you need the energy to do it

These skills combined can make for a very successful entrepreneurial lifestyle. But, what if you don’t magically possess one or more of these characteristics? What if you’ve got a great desire to learn, are self-reliant and reflective, but you have a hard time handling stress and maintaining your energy? Do you give up on your entrepreneurial dreams? No! There is an answer and that answer is using smart drugs. Many people balk at the thought of using “drugs” to enhance themselves, but smart drugs aren’t typical drugs. They work with your brain’s chemistry to make it work more efficiently, as it should before stress, drugs, alcohol and other brain-traumatizing events occurred, making you sluggish, foggy and prone to anxiety and stress.

There are many different types of smart drugs available on the market and knowing which are the best smart drugs for the entrepreneur is a bit of a trial and error process. But, there are specific nootropic supplements that target the skills you are looking to gain – whether that is an increased level of focus, a reduction in anxiety and stress, an increase in energy or a better memory.

All smart drugs, regardless of what they are used for, have the added bonus of getting a greater amount of oxygen and blood flow to the brain, so they already give the brain a well-needed boost, which will enhance your cognition right off the start.

Better focus

If you find you are doing well in your business, but wish you could focus better to refine your product, listen to your customers and employees or to do research, there are supplements for this. Taking smart drugs like Piracetam, Alpha GPC or Noopept on a regular basis will increase your focus and allow you to better take on projects where you need to be as aware as possible. You’ll notice that mundane tasks aren’t so mundane and that your need to turn to distractions is lessened. Emails, texts and phone calls often pile up and are easy to turn to when you can’t seem to focus on your work, decreasing your productivity. Taking a smart drug like the ones above will make these distractions leave your mind and you can set aside a time to answer what’s needed and put out those fires.

If you generally focus well, but want a boost for certain situations like brainstorming sessions, Modafinil and Adrafinil are known for their hyper-focus properties. Not medication to be taken on a regular basis, they provide users with the increased focus and concentration they need to get through those times where focusing is needed.

Increased energy

Entrepreneurs typically have a lot to do, especially because they are the only ones they can count on. A lack of energy is not acceptable and often they turn to harmful substances that only cause energy to deplete further like coffee, sugar and other stimulant drugs. These substances cause the jitters and have a subsequent crash that doesn’t feel great and leaves you needing a nap. Smart drugs provide energy without the crash, and you can find ones that give you daily energy or ones to give you that powerful boost you need to get through a midnight deadline. Noopept is something you can take daily and will increase your energy with a stimulant-like effect. Your concentration will also improve and brain fog will be limited. Caffeine and L-Theanine combined are also a great smart drug stack for improved energy, either on a daily basis or when you need that boost. Modafinil has been used to treat ADHD, but can give you that hyper-focus and energy boost that is sometimes needed to get things executed. Don’t take Modafinil regularly as the withdrawal can be harsh.

Better able to handle stress

Stress comes with the territory when it comes to an entrepreneurial endeavor. It can actually fuel you on to do better, but sometimes it takes over and makes your performance come to a slow (or quick) halt. Smart drugs are useful for alleviating stress symptoms like anxiety, giving you feelings of calm and well-being. Again, you can take these smart drugs on a regular basis for decreased anxiety or you can take them before a particularly-known stressful situation (like an important meeting). Magnesium and L-Glutamine are great everyday smart drugs for decreasing stress and anxiety. For something stronger when you know stress is going to hit you like a ton of bricks, try Picamilon or Aniracetam.

Smart drugs can be an entrepreneur’s best friend as they improve the cognitive processes that need to be as sharp as possible for success. Speak to your medical professional to get help on dosages and to find a reputable supplier.

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