Entrepreneurs and Smart Drugs A Match Made in Heaven

Smart drugs have grabbed every industry by storm and are looking to sweep everyone in front of them with a vengeance. They have been dubbed as so by many in the industry, as they generally improve the cognitive abilities, as well as improve memory retention powers of the brain. Since it enhances the workings of the brains and allows complex tasks to be handled fairly easily, it comes as no surprise to learn that many business leaders and entrepreneurs are advocates of cognitive-enhancing drugs.

Most people who are critical of supplementation are unaware of the fact that certain items that are consumed regularly also have powers that have a similar effect on the brain. Entrepreneurs realize the massive potential of nootropics and have started using them in the workplace in order to accomplish more tasks in a smaller time frame.

Entrepreneurs today are under increasing amounts of stress and pressure to accomplish difficult tasks and further the growth of the business. This is why they advocate the use of super drugs to easily take care of their business. So are smart drugs and entrepreneurs a match made in heaven? Let’s take a proper look at them.

There was a time when the use of recreational drugs was something that was commonplace in workplaces; in fact many businesses offered their employees recreational drugs. It was revealed in a study that in the 1980s only 3% of employees were tested for drugs in the United States, but by 2013 that figure had risen to 98%. That clearly shows how seriously businesses take drug abuse by their employees.

Nootropics, on the other hand, aren’t addictive and don’t impair their users, but have the opposite effect and actually enhance the user’s ability. The drugs are listed under schedule IV of DEA, who has labeled them as low risk drugs with no links to addiction. Nootropics are the most widely used smart drugs and have been determined to be legal for use by people. Furthermore, they are available fairly easily at almost any land based pharmacy or online pharmacy.

Different options available

There are many different types of smart drugs that are available in the market, and are mostly used by people from all walks of life. The drugs enhance the workings of the brain and allow more focus and concentration, as well as easier memory retention. This is why people who are working in high pressure jobs tend to prefer using them, since these supplements allow them to accomplish difficult tasks with relative ease.

They have been around for decades

A common misconception amongst people is that smart supplementation is a new invention, but it has in fact been around for a long time, think decades! They were first mentioned by a Romanian chemist who manufactured a medication that could improve the cognitive functions of the brain. Smart drugs today are commonplace in the market, and are now marketed at a global scale, which is why they are new to the public eye in most places.

Increasing use by students

Research has shown that in recent years more than 11% of students in US universities have used nootropic drugs to improve their cognitive brain functions. This highlights the fact that students are one of the biggest users of them, followed by entrepreneurs. However, many university professors don’t disapprove of their use by students, since they aren’t harming themselves nor are they destroying their futures.

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