Why Exam Time is the Best Time to Use Smart Drugs

What are smart drugs?

Drugs which are able to enhance brain activity and improve performance to an appreciable extent are categorized as smart drugs. These drugs have a long history of being used for a various purposes by people all over the world. However, the reason for the newfound interest in using these drugs is due to the positive developments in the field of cosmetic psychopharmacology. As a result, people are more aware of the proper, healthy use of smart drugs.

What is their Connection with Students?

With exams looming on the horizon, students find themselves under a lot of stress and tend to over burden themselves by wanting to learn more than they are able to manage. It is a human nature to look for shortcuts and easy ways out of a situation. Similarly, students are looking for any and every opportunity to manage stress and excel in the examinations. Over the past decades, nootropics have surfaced as one of the few, legal, and safe ways to help a student remain focused and excel in their exams.

How would you respond if someone told you there is a drug that can boost brain activity and can help your memory grow? Most of us would be intrigued by the offer. For students, both, who are well-versed in their subject as well as those who are struggling with it, the offer is a dream come true.

Given that all students seek and welcome any advantage that they can gain which can help them excel in their respective fields, smart drugs have become one of the most sought after study aids.

Using During Exams

Why are exams the opportune time for students to make use of mind enhancing drugs? The answers to this question are laid out below:

  • Most students tend to procrastinate, leaving studies for later. This means that as exams near, there is a lot to cover over a limited time period. The human brain on the other hand has its capacities, and trying to learn too much in a day or two can quickly become taxing.
  • Any advantage that one can get in a competition is welcomed, and if a student has access to these drugs, they gain a competitive edge.
  • Smart drugs for students help enhance not only a student’s memory, but also helps them concentrate better on the task at hand, meaning longer study hours and greater retention.

Is the Trend Catching?

According to Johanne Collin, a renowned research scholar and author of “Between smart drugs and antidepressants: A cultural analysis of pharmaceutical drug use among university students,” the number of university students using the best smart drugs continues to increase, in her own words she has said “there has been a growing….use of prescription drugs by young adults and particularly college and university students”.

This highlight how there is an increase in the number of people opting for these drugs and the trend is likely to increase.

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