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Ginseng: My Experience with This Smart Drug

What is Ginseng?

I’m currently working toward my Ph.D. and that, in conjunction with my career and family, is a considerable load to bear. Because I’m not one to give up when I’ve set my mind to achieve a goal, I began researching ways I can improve my mental stamina. I had been talking to my friends about the use of smart drugs, but I wanted to use something natural. Through this research, I was able to conclude that Ginseng is a natural supplement that’s also a smart drug.

Ginseng is a natural extract found in North American, as well as many parts of Asia. It’s available in eleven varieties and is grown as a short, perennial plant with roots that are fleshy. Throughout history, it has been used as a natural herbal remedy to aid in the healing or prevention of numerous medical conditions. So, in addition to being a smart drug, Ginseng is also beneficial for an individual’s overall health.

Why should you take Ginseng?

In addition to its cognitive benefits, this smart drug also helps relieve fatigue and stress as well. For it to achieve this goal, it acts as an adaptogen so it can assist the body to increase its resistance to stress by restoring homeostasis. This reality is beneficial to those who are working at high-stress jobs, or who are juggling many tasks throughout the day.

This smart drug contributes to the improvement of the brain’s concentration, learning capabilities, and memory. When individuals take it, they have also reported a reduction in their cholesterol and blood sugar as well. Some have also indicated that they have also experienced an improvement in athletic performance and that they have not had to experience as much recovery time following exercise.

What effect does Ginseng have?

Numerous studies have shown that when Ginseng is used as a nootropic, it has many benefits on an individual’s cognition, behavior, and overall quality of life. Additional studies have found that American Ginseng helps young and middle-aged adults with the mood, as well as their working memory. Asian Ginseng has been shown to aid in boosting mental alertness, as well as learning and thinking.

While there are little to no side effects to using this supplement, there are still some precautions users who are using large dosages of it should be aware of just in case. If an individual has high blood sugar, they should use caution when taking doses of it in large quantities. Other side effects could include a headache, insomnia, heart rate elevations, and nausea. If you experience discomfort or any of these side effect, lower your dosage. If the symptoms continue, do not continue taking this smart drug.

My Experience After 60 Days:

Following 60 days of using this smart drug, I found a considerable change in my energy level and how well I could focus on my work. I wasn’t sure how well this would work because it’s a natural supplement, so I made sure I bought it in pure form and not a generic supplement that came in pills or capsules. That way, I could measure out and see what I was taking in each dosage. This method also helped me understand precisely what I was putting into my body, and how much. I’m a bit of a worrier to begin with when it comes to taking anything, so I like the idea of being able to measure exact dosages of this medication.

In the beginning, I felt like I was drinking a lot of coffee. However, I didn’t have the upset stomach afterward, so that was a plus. The nervous jitters went away after about a day or two, so that was nice. That was the only real side effect I noticed from taking the supplement. I was sleeping just fine, and waking up in the mornings without any trouble. My mind felt like it didn’t have cobwebs in it throughout the day anymore, which is an excellent bonus because I hated being in a fog all the time. As far as managing my Ph.D. work goes, that has gone smoothly in combination with the rest of life’s demands. That’s exactly what I was hoping would come out of using this smart drug, so I’m going to continue using it even after I finish my graduate work.

Buying from a Reputable Source is Important:

When making the decision to purchase a smart drug, buying from a reputable source is important. This reality is particularly the case when buying Ginseng. The main reason is that some manufacturers will mix in other ingredients when developing capsules or pill forms of products. While these products are still safe, they are not as effective as a pure form of Ginseng. And, chances are, you may not be as satisfied with the results you receive from these products.

The best thing you can do is to do is to research the supplement, before making your purchase. Look for the highest level of purity possible to ensure you’ll receive the best quality benefits from it possible. The next thing to research is what type of quality testing the retailer or distributor does before the smart drug goes to market. Many companies will put their certification process right on their websites so consumers can view them.

When you take these steps toward understanding how pure your Ginseng is before consuming it, you’re also avoiding the chances of inadvertently ingesting chemicals or other substances that could cause unexpected side effects. Because your goal is to achieve optimal brain, overall body health, the last thing you want to do is put something into your body that doesn’t help you achieve that.






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