The Growing Trend of Smart Drugs in eSport Tournaments

Pro gaming tournaments have to be one of the most attention grabbing events we have happening today. Professional “competitive” video gaming is something which gamers all over the world look forward to all year round. And for people who are not into the whole gaming scene they may find it a bit odd that as to why would anyone be so excited about video games that they actually have to take drugs to be able to perform well? We are all aware of athletes using drugs to perform better in sport tournaments, but gamers doping to be able to score better? Is that even a thing?

Yes, pretty much so.

The Boom of eSports:

With live streams available online of these gaming tournaments attracting more than 200,000 viewers worldwide and with big names sponsoring like Red Bull, Coke etc sponsoring these tournaments  you can get some idea how big this field actually is. There is of course big money, grand prizes to be won in these tournaments as well.

A popular eSports tournament by the name of The League of Legends Championship is famous for having its tickets sold out almost, almost as soon as they are up for grabs. With more than 40,000 people present at the location (usually stadiums) to witness the championship roll out live and millions of people online streaming the event at home, pro gaming tournaments can easily compete against any regular sporting event that we have today.

The Catch

Just like in regular sporting events the players are under a lot of pressure to do their best, gamers participating in these events go through something similar as well. It is not unheard of gamers to take a smart drug or two to get that extra mental edge over the other gamers. While playing a video game at such a high scale that it is actually falling under the category of a tournament, you can only imagine the amount of load the senses of these gamers must be putting up with. Constant light, sound, etc., from the games when bombarded on to you for prolonged hours can definitely suck the energy right out of your body.

And no gamer wants that. Especially during an important gaming event! Just like the market of smart drugs for students is booming, video gamers too find themselves presented with quite a few options to choose from, for example:

The After Effects:

While these drugs do improve their performance, they are at the end of the day cognitive enhancers and unless they are nootropics, they will always induce some unpleasant side effects in the person. However, there are drugs like ALCAR and Centrophenoxine that are considered as some of the best safe drugs for gamers because of their neuroprotective properties. Still, majority of the drugs being taken by these professional gamers can lead to highly unpleasant consequences.

“I lost maybe 50 pounds in three months after I started taking Adderall. That’s insanely fast. I’d have to physically force myself to eat. Then, I started to develop issues with my stomach.”

    – Cory “Semphis” Friesen

Taking drugs during a tournament is against the rules of that tournament and they will require video gamers to be tested and are only permitted to participate if they are found to be drug free.

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