How to Supercharge Your Brain

You may have seen the movie Limitless where Bradley Cooper is introduced to a pretty amazing smart drug that leads him to amazing success in life. After taking the smart drug, his brain is basically supercharged. You may have thought to yourself that it would be great to get your hands on some smart drugs to supercharge your brain. While you won’t be at Limitless standards, you really can supercharge your brain with nootropic supplements.

Imagine all of the excess fatigue, brain fog and depressed feelings leaving your body. Instead of struggling to find the right words in social conversations, your thoughts flow freely and intelligently. Downing coffee and coffee paired with sugary treats at 2pm will be a thing of the past. Your spouse will wonder where you are getting all of the energy to get your ultra-long to-do list done then take them back to the bedroom. At work, your boss will commend your performance without you having to work the long hours you are accustomed to working because you are much more productive while you are there. How is all this done? With the use of smart drugs.

Smart drugs are essentially cognitive-enhancing substances that work with the processes in your brain to help it do what it already does, just way better. When levels of important neurotransmitters (like serotonin, acetylcholine or GABA) are not balanced (either too low or too high) your brain basically gets a little wonky. These unbalanced levels contribute to your feelings of sluggishness, depression and foggy thinking. When you use smart drugs, you combat these feelings by balancing out the levels so the brain sends better communication to the bodily processes that contribute to how you are feeling.

What is a supercharged brain?

A supercharged brain thinks easier – decisions are made effortlessly, your focus is honed, information is processed smoothly and efficiently and you’ll actually feel like you have the energy to perform in the way that is expected of you. Having a supercharged brain does not mean that you’ll automatically increase your IQ, get promoted or find the love of your life. What it does mean is that you’ll actually feel how you believe you should feel. Instead of dragging your feet through a day, you’ll meet it with vigour and feel excited about the tasks ahead of you to accomplish.

By supercharging your brain with supplements, it also doesn’t mean that you’ll have to take a supplement every day in order to feel this way. In fact, it is advised that you don’t regularly take the smart drug and that you cycle them (or take a break) on a regular basis. But, after taking smart drugs for a while, your brain processes will work better so that when you don’t take them, they still function at peak performance (most of the time). This is because many smart drugs are neuro-protective, which means that they protect the brain from damage or trauma caused by stress, drugs, alcohol and even injury. As well, as the brain gets fired up from using smart drugs, the synapses communicate better with one another, leading to an effect that is similar to dominos. As the synapses start firing more, this leads to an overall increase in synapse activity, even when you aren’t using the drug.

Smart drugs also have the added benefit of promoting oxygen and blood uptake in the brain, which is good no matter what types of effects you are looking for. Your brain will generally be happier and those feelings of well-being, alertness and better mood will show through.

What sort of smart drugs give a supercharged brain?

There are a number of drugs on the market that work alone or together to promote the best brain function.

Alpha GPC is a cholinergic smart drug, which means it increases the amount of Acetylcholine in the brain. This is important because many people are deficient in Choline and this can have a direct effect on your memory and focus. By taking Alpha GPC, your brain will be supercharged in these areas, but even better, Alpha GPC is great as part of a smart drug stack. It works very well with almost every other smart drug with limited interactions or side effects.

Modafinil has uses in so many different disorders because of its use as a wakefulness-promoting agent. It has been helpful in people with narcolepsy, ADHD, neurodegenerative disorders, addictions, weight loss and many more. If you work shift work and have trouble adjusting, Modafinil may just be prescribed to you. While it is definitely one of more potent smart drugs on the market, it can also help healthy brains that just need a boost in energy, focus and motivation. Modafinil should be taken infrequently because people have shown withdrawal issues and tolerance can be pretty common. Save Modafinil for the time when you really need that boost.

Aniracetam is one in a line of racetams, which are smart drugs that have a number of positive cognitive effects. Improving memory and information retention is one of the best features of Aniracetam, but it also increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain. Touted as a neuro-protective, Aniracetam’s effects are often seen even in the weeks you cycle off of this smart drug and once you stop taking it.

Smart drugs literally can make you smarter in that you’ll have better energy and focus to make good decisions. Your academic and work performance will ultimately improve and you’ll feel better about yourself. Not only do they improve those cognitive functions related to intellect, they improve mood and sleep too, so you’ll feel good regardless.

Speaking to your doctor about supplementation is always recommended, as is getting your smart drugs from a reputable, high-quality source. Do your research and you’ll have a good smart drug experience.

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