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Last year was a massive wake up call for me. I went through a pretty trying time in my life – an emotional separation after a 13 year marriage, moving myself and my three young children to a new town, reestablishing myself in the working world. There was a lot of change and a lot of soul searching that happened and it was definitely not easy. I had to dig down and find something not only for my mental well-being but for my physical well being. I will be forever grateful that a renewed friendship from college introduced me to a Smart Drug called Huperzine A. Like many moms and dads, I had fallen into the parent trap of focusing on everyone else and putting myself last on the list. I was a pretty competitive athlete growing up, as a child I played competitive soccer and was an avid swimmer. In high school I was fortunate enough to make both the soccer and the swim team and played varsity soccer in college. I would frequently join some kind of rec league when I could whether it was field hockey, tennis or ultimate Frisbee. After college my focus was on establishing my career and then marriage almost straight away. But when I can really remember this turn in my life was after my first child, I did not consciously stop looking after myself, it was always that one thing that I just could not manage to squeeze into the hectic days. I now realize that it was a choice that no one else was making but for some reason I allowed it to be ok. When my husband and I decided it was time for us to go our separate ways, as emotional and gut wrenching as it was, it was also like a new door had been opened for me. My focus was now on my well being and the children’s and I realized that if I did not start looking after myself I could not be the best possible version of myself which is what my children needed.  Also the thought of going back to the working world after 6 years and feeling frumpy was not ok in my books. How could I sell myself if I did not believe in myself? My past experience was in sales and marketing and shortly before my separation I had started taking real estate courses, I was determined to get my license and make a go at it. I reconnected with a few of my varsity teammates online, and I was fortunate enough to hear a very similar situation from one person in particular. She was very open with me about her journey and I started looking to her for advice regarding health and nutrition. Although we lived hours away from each other it was easy to form that friendship again. One of the supplements she really raved about was called Smart Drugs. She explained that some were more effective than others depending on the individual but one that she really liked was called Huperzine A for not only it’s memory enhancement promises but she said it also helped her deal with muscle fatigue after a grueling workout. I ordered a small bottle to start as I was skeptical, but after taking the recommended daily dosage and seeing the difference it made in my study skills while juggling apart time job as a server at a local breakfast and lunch spot, I was sold. Never before have I been able to sit down and read chapter after chapter and recall what I had read without losing focus. I thought perhaps it was just my new found excitement and boost of confidence coupled with the extra energy I was getting from working out but I quickly realized after excelling on my first exam and jumping right into course two that it was definitely more than confidence and excitement, so I ordered a larger quantity just before I ran out of my first bottle and I can not rave enough about how amazing it has been for me. The shipping is fast and reliable and I feel confident that the product I am taking is pure and beneficial with little to no fillers. I feel like the supplement world has really come a long way since my days playing varsity sports and it is very important to me that I am not ingesting anything extra that my body doesn’t need to perform at it’s best, both mentally and physically. I also like that I can still enjoy my morning cup of java and still take Huperzine A without feeling over stimulated. One of the best pieces of advice my girlfriend gave me when she recommended Huperzine A, was to make sure that I was 100% satisfied with the company I was dealing with and to not skimp on the quality of the Smart Drugs. I am forever grateful for her recommendation and will definitely continue to suggest this to anyone who is looking for that extra edge. Also, I am happy to say that I just completed course three and I am looking forward to starting my new career. I really do not think I could have achieved my license in such a short time without the help of Huperzine A.

I feel capable, knowledgeable, confident and ready to take on the real estate world by storm!


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