Increasing Your Productivity Using Smart Drugs

Using smart drugs to increase your mental abilities is not something unheard of. Cognitive enhancers have been around for so long! Naturally, when your mental abilities increase, that means you are going to be more attentive, more focused, more perceptive, more creative and the list goes on and on. All this adds up to a more productive you.

While previously we had students taking nootropics for recreational purposes, the increased appearance of super drugs in the media has shown them another reason to take them. Smart drugs for students will help them reduce fatigue levels and pay more attention in school.

Should their use be legitimatized?

Students are not the only ones taking a supplement or two; people with stressful jobs are also doing them. To help cope with extra work load or extra shifts, they too might need to pop a pill or two. Some of the most common smart drugs are:

 “The use of drugs such as Modafinil and Ritalin is no worse than sending children to a private tutor.”

                                                                      -Vince Cakic, Department of Psychology, Sydney University

Mixed Reviews:

The fact that you can buy these medications over the counter, without any prescription tells us a lot about the general perception attached to them. People who take the best smart drugs available on the market find there are minimal side effects, but some nootropics do cause side effects. Modafinil, for example, can cause severe headaches, nausea and if you take the dose up a little you can even experience more serious side effects like depression, anxiety, hallucinations, irregular heart beat.

Safe Drugs:  Promoting Productivity or Drug Culture?

We accept that popping a pill can unlock that creative and fast-paced person inside you, but ask yourself would you be okay with your surgeon taking Modafinil and then operating on you? The perception around supplements is that they are there to get you high or make you relaxed. Realistically, they do improve focus and concentration, while also relaxing you, without the impaired reaction time that you might get with other recreational drugs like marijuana or alcohol. Having your surgeon pop a smart supplement before surgery is definitely an advantage; having your surgeon have a drink before surgery would be a disadvantage! We aren’t promoting a drug culture, but instead are promoting a more productive work atmosphere, in any profession.

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