Some Lesser Known Smart Drugs that can Improve the Brain

The use of smart drugs has increased over the past year or so. Students, lawyers, doctors, and people from other professions alike are under extreme pressure in this day and age to perform. An increase in the level of competition has meant that more and more people are now looking for ways to excel in their fields. For that they are willing to make use of any and every tool that they can find to ensure that they are able to improve the performance of the brain and gain a competitive edge over the competition.

The reason for the increased use of supplementation is the fact that it provides a competitive advantage. The following is a smart drugs list of those drugs that are little known in the market today but are equally effective in improving the brain’s performance:

This article takes a look at each one in detail.


This smart drug is typically regarded as the first smart drug produced. The smart drug was produced way back in the year 1960s and is similar in qualities to the smart drugs of today. These drugs are able to:

  • Enhance memory
  • Increase the flow of blood to the brain
  • Help the user concentrate better
  • Can be used to treat Dyslexia, Anxiety and Depression.

Other names for this drug include Nootropil, Noostan, and Diangen.


This smart drug is part of the category of smart drugs that come under the non-prescription category. This means that they can be used over the counter if need be. The smart drug is basically a type of amino acid, which has an important role in our body in the production process of norepeinephrine and dopamine in the body. The core ingredients of the smart drug are readily available in foods such as almonds, fish, milk, yogurt, and avocado, Lima beans etc. Some of the things that this smart drug helps with include:

  • Speeding up the body’s metabolic processes
  • Ensuring greater mental clarity
  • The ability to boost energy
  • Enhance functioning of the thyroid

Huperzine A

Another one in the long list of dietary over-the-counter supplements, this drug is extracted from a traditional Chinese plant known as Chinese Club moss. The use of this smart drug is considered to be beneficial for the mind primarily because it is able to enhance learning capabilities and memory strength.


This smart drug is different to the other smart drugs mentioned in the list and the users of the drug consider it one of the best smart drugs. Unlike them, this is a nervous system stimulant that helps people beat their daytime drowsiness and ensures greater concentration and alertness. Surprisingly this is a drug that is readily consumed by astronauts who travel to outer space.

Despite that, there have been research scholars and professors who have disagreed with the classification of one or two of these drugs in the category of smart drugs. Professor Carl Hart for example Nuero Sciences teacher at Columbia University was quoted as sayings that Modafinil is actually a drug that aids productivity and not smart drug per se.

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