How To Make Your Own Smart Drug Capsules

Living a natural lifestyle and shying away from prescription drugs is important to our daily health. Taking smart drugs to boost cognition, increase memory retention, decrease anxiety, and for general brain health, is a great idea. But, nootropics can get expensive and you may be wondering if there is a cheaper way, and that answer would be yes. You can make your own smart pills! It is actually easier than most would think and will save you quite a bit of money in the long run. As well, you can tailor your smart drug to be the best smart drug for you as an individual.

There are many different ways of making nootropic pills, but the easiest way would be with a capsule machine. A capsule machine allows you to place the capsules into it, put the powder very easily into the capsule and then closes the capsule for you. You don’t have to have a capsule machine, but it makes things much simpler. They sell for under $30 at various stores on the web.

Another important tool you’ll need to make your own is something you probably already have at home if you like to cook. A mortar and pestle is generally used to crush up herbs or garlic, but in this case you are going to use it to mix up your smart drug powders. This tool is important because without out, you might not get the right dosages in each pill. Mixing the powders with the mortar and pestle ensure they get properly combined.

Empty capsules are easy to get online as well and you want to choose the correct size for your dosage. If your pills are too large, you’ll need quite a bit of filler (more about this later). If they are too small, you will have to take more than one at a time, which will eat into your bottom line. If you know you’ll be using nootropic drugs daily and in the long term, you might as well buy in bulk to save yourself some money, as long as you know that you’ve got the correct size.

Finding a recipe for smart drug pills is also very easy online. If you already know the dosage you want to go with, stick with that. You may want to talk to a health practitioner to ensure you are taking the correct dosage and for the right period of time. Nootropics aren’t side-effect free, so speaking to your doctor or naturopath will get you on the right track. Once you know your correct dosages, you can do the math to figure out how much of each powder you will need for a one month’s supply.

Let’s say you want something for your fatigue. A caffeine/L-theanine smart drug blend should do the trick. Generally you’ll want to start with 100 mg of caffeine and 200 mg of L-theanine, but you can play with these numbers keeping a 1:2 ratio of caffeine to L-theanine. This means you’ll need 300 mg capsules and a total of 3000 mg of caffeine and 6000 mg of L-theanine to keep yourself stocked for the month with smart pills. Of course, you can decide on the length of time you’ll want to stock your supply, although the easiest way would be finding out the capacity of your capsule machine and going with those numbers. For example, if your capsule machine holds 48 pills, you’ll have to multiply the capacity of your capsules by 48 to get the right number without having any waste.

With all these measurements, you are also going to need a milligram scale that is correct to a 1 mg accuracy. These are also not expensive and will cost you about $30, making your initial investment in making your own smart drugs less than $100 once you’ve also bought your empty capsules, capsule machine and a mortar and pestle if you need it. Over the long run, the savings you’ll get making your own pills will counteract your initial spend.

As I mentioned above, you might need a filler powder in your capsules. Depending on what you put in each capsule, there may be space left over and with that space comes inaccuracy in the dosage because you won’t really know how full to fill each capsule. If you can fill each capsule completely, you’ll know that you are getting the exact dosage in each one. Fillers don’t have to be as bad as they sound and can actually be helpful to your cognitive enhancement cause. Natural lifestyle advocates often balk when they hear the word filler and opt for “no added filler” labelling on their smart drugs, but fillers can be helpful in this case. While your main ingredients may be the actual nootropic powders to help you with whatever ailment you are trying to treat, some fillers offer a synergistic effect by actually promoting the effects of the initial powders in your brain. For example, creatine can be used on its own as a smart drug, but can also be used as a filler to boost the effectiveness of your pill. Similarly, glutamine helps certain smart drugs cross the brain-blood barrier, making your nootropics more effective.

Once you’ve got all your tools and ingredients set, making your pills is as easy as following the instructions on your machine and making the pill.

After you’ve made all your pills, you’ll want to store them in a cool, dry spot. Do not store them in the refrigerator as the cold can be harmful to the powders. The same goes for all your loose powders. Think of the spices in your cupboards and how storing them where humidity, light and temperature fluctuations won’t get to them is best.

Making your own smart drugs ensures you are getting the best quality smart drugs, getting exactly what you need as an individual and are saving money in the process!

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