Why the Manufacturers of Nootropics Hate Being Compared to Supplements

The supplement industry doesn’t really have fans rooting for them on the sidelines. Over the years, they have received a bad name. In fact, they have, on a number of occasions, gone head to head with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

For instance, last year, the FDA went after over 100 manufacturers of dietary supplements. The FDA charged them for using an ingredient not mentioned on their product label. Hence, one can see why the manufacturers of smart drugs want to dissociate themselves from the supplement industry.

Nootropics are Supplements, Aren’t They?

Most would argue at the absurdity of manufacturers trying to distance themselves from the supplement industry. Most people would recognize and refer to them as supplements, except Nootrobox, one of the largest nootropic manufacturers in the United States.

“Supplement” is a word that you will not find in their vocabulary or on their site. This makes you wonder what happens to employees who may causally let loose the term in the office, but right now, that is beside the point.

The company works effortlessly in manufacturing their products based on scientific evidence and studies. On their site, they have clearly mentioned that their customers will know exactly what they putting into their bodies.

To tell customers about the exact ingredients and telling them they have based their formula and dosage on scientific evidence is the company’s way of indirectly telling the FDA and the public that they are nothing like the supplement industry.

Has the Federal and Drug Administration Approved Nootropics?

The FDA has neither approved nor disproved the sale and use of cognitive enhancers. With a large variety of smart pills available in the market, each manufacturer has created their own policy, which influences the sale and use of the drug.

Generally, most of the brain boosting drugs you will encounter in the market are legal to use. The only time you will see FDA taking an action is on the importation and marketing of the drugs. To classify the drugs are legal or illegal, the FDA classifies the drugs as either a controlled substance (prescription drugs) or a regulated substance (Piracetam, Adrafinil,and Modafinil).

According to neuropsychologist Anna-Katherine Brem, the co-author of a study published in European Neuropsychopharmacology, “[The harder the task], the more consistently Modafinil showed cognitive benefits.”

They fall into one of the following categories:

  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Food Products
  • Prescription Medications

If an individual wants to purchase some of the best smart drugs available in the market, they will not be breaking any law, as the FDA does not regulate their sale or use.

Discovering the Reason behind Nootrophics Divorce from Supplements

With laws fuzzy on the use and sale of the drug, it makes sense why smart pill manufacturers are seeking a permanent divorce from supplements. The manufacturers of nootropics want to present their product as a legal, safe, and effective substance to use.

Therefore, most have gone as far as changing the way they market their product. They want people to buy smart drugs without any qualms about having any unpleasant side effects. They have began to substitute words such as “brain  health” for “cognitive function,” smart drug “combos” for “stacks,” and “unprocessed ingredients” for “nutraceuticals.”

However, only time will tell if they will truly become successful in separating themselves from supplements.

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