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The main thing I had heard about Noopept before trying it out was that it was similar to Piracetam. They both were thought to provide a mild cognitive boost after using, with Noopept — partially aligned with the “pep” in the end of the word — also providing a little bit of a psychostimulatory effect on top of that. I was admittedly a little nervous about the latter part. I wanted a cognitive boost and some more focus, and I was less interested in a feeling of being ‘high’ or anything of that effect.

It has a pretty low standard dose — it’s maybe 10 to 30 miligrams. There’s a neuroprotective effect — although the research is not clear on how exactly that happens — that occurs with this smart drug, and can be beneficial during periods of cognitive stress or trauma. I decided to take it during a stressful period around some freelance deadlines to see how that played out.

The first notable effect is in terms of conversation. You can hold a conversation much longer — let’s say something that would normally be a small talk series of exchanges that you would barely care about 15 minutes after the fact — and you can remember tons of details from the conversation even the next day. In that way, this ‘smart drug’ is pretty uncanny. I’m not necessarily saying it’s a good thing to remember details from potentially pointless conversations, but in a networking context, Noopept could be a major advantage. If you collected a bunch of business cards while on it and then reviewed them the next day and fired off e-mails to those people, they’d probably have a huge degree of detail — and that would likely endear you to the person. It could be a huge boon for navigating a hiring process, I’d imagine. (I wasn’t at the time, but still.)

In terms of stress relief, I did feel calmer and more able to deal with weeks where deadlines piled up. I took Noopept consistently for about 60 days — so two months, or roughly eight weeks worth of work. 4/5 of those weeks were fairly stressful in terms of due dates, and it did give me a cognitive spike and a calming sensation that I had the ability to power through all of it. As anyone who’s ever been on a series of tight deadlines knows, this is a good alleviation of burden.

Noopept increases the amount of oxygen within the brain, according to some previous research. This typically gives the user a greater feeling of ‘clarity’ around some of their tasks, deliverables, and day-to-day existence. I found this aspect of this supplement particularly helpful. During the 60 days I was using it, I had a couple of larger life decisions to make around renting vs. buying a home, getting a dog, and how to reach out to new people and begin incorporating some of my work as a business. It could have been a stressful time (and sometimes still was) but it did guide me to a place of clarity on various decisions — or, if that’s not the right way to say it, it laid the foundation for clarity so that I could think through the different things I needed to accomplish.

Noopept is one of the faster-acting smart drugs, as well. You typically see an initial effect — a kind of clarity-driving, haze-lifting, cognitive boost — within 15-20 minutes. That lasts for a few hours, give or take.

I had read that speed of memory recall is improved with this smart drug. I didn’t see this as much, although admittedly my memory is pretty good for being mid-30s. I felt ‘quicker’ with cognitive tasks but not necessarily memory recall.

As for the psychostimulatory effect, you do have a little bit of a ‘kick’ or ‘boost’ about 30 minutes-1 hour after taking Noopept — and coming down from it, a few hours later, can be akin to coming off a mild sugar high. It’s not anything to be significantly worried about, or it wasn’t across the 60 days I took it, but if you have reacted in less-than-desirable ways to previous stimulants, you want to make sure you’re managing your expectations.

If you Google around Noopept, one of the things you’ll find/learn is that there isn’t a ton of human research on the drug so far — so be careful and make sure you only deal with taking it from a professional, trusted source. Speak to your doctor or other health care professional about the pros and cons of taking this smart drug or any other type of nootropic. They’ll also tell you that you need to find a brand that has been proven reputable so that you know the quality is there. Quality is very important when dealing with smart drugs, as you want to make sure you don’t get adverse side effects from fillers or bad products. The industry isn’t regulated as well as the prescription drug industry so there is a lot out there that might be questionable.


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