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For those of you familiar with Piracetam or Smart Drugs in general, you will want to check out Oxiracetam. For those of you not familiar with nootropics, a Racetam Smart Drug is used to increase memory, attention span and mental function overall.  What I like about Oxiracetam is that it is a more potent version of Piracetam. I had great success with Piracetam but it is fairly mild and I was looking for something with a stronger effect. I started using Smart Drugs when I was getting my Master’s Degree in Statistical Sciences and at the same was a Teaching Assistant for a seasoned professor in my department. After successfully completing my master’s degree or MSc I was accepted to a PhD program at my dream location, but with that came an increase cost of living and additional expenses. During high school and my undergrad I would work at local restaurants and night clubs as a server so I knew I could fall back on this as a way of earning the extra money but I couldn’t lose focus on the final prize which was to complete my PhD in Statistical Science. I was fortunate enough to secure a new Teaching Assistant position as well as a server position at a local hot spot. The Piracetam just wasn’t cutting it especially on those mornings after closing the bar at 3am and getting to a class the following morning. Within the first two days of switching to Oxiracetam I right away noticed a difference in my focus, my ability to bounce back with little sleep and to be alert and prepared for my students. A Teaching Assistant’s main purpose is to build on what the professor addresses in the classroom. With Statistical Science these topics can range depending on which class you are assisting in at the time, and depending on where each student is struggling you have to be ready to address anything from statistical theory, calculus, psychological research methods, laboratory science…do you see where I am going with this? Ultimately my reason for taking Smart Drugs is purely self-serving though. I have to wear many different hats during the day: teacher, student, employee, server and hopefully if the stars and planets align, fit in some time for socializing. When you are chasing a PhD you are primarily self-directed. You are ultimately responsible for managing your education at this point. There are always people around to help you, you have at least one supervisor, other PhD candidates etc but the end result is 100% up to you and the amount of time you take to obtain it is again up to you. It is easy for some to lose focus as no one is keeping you accountable. No one will chase you down and ask how your making out and check in on your progress, It is absolutely 100% up to you to seek out guidance, direction and feedback I was determined to not be one of the lost who fall off the PhD track. Oxiracetam gave me the ability to bounce from server to student to teacher and not lose my focus when it came to developing my thesis. It gives me the discipline to be able to focus on the prize. Developing your PhD thesis can be exhilarating and grueling at the same time. You question your approach, your research, and your stream. It gives me laser focus and even though the demands on my time have increased I’ve noticed a decrease in the amount of mental fatigue I was experiencing prior to incorporating this supplement. One of the other struggles with juggling three jobs (server, teaching assistant and student) is that your dedicated hours to developing your thesis are all over the map. At the time I had a TA class at 9am two days a week and one at 4pm. My schedule at the restaurant would vary depending on my TA schedule; I was fortunate in that way. But during the summer months PhD students would be given the opportunity to take on a full class, this was crucial experience if your end goal was to be a professor after achieving successfully defending your thesis. The credits in the summer are quick paced and condensed and this meant that I was in a classroom Monday to Friday from 9am-12pm for 6 weeks at a time. I had to secure my afternoons for not only lesson planning but to my own studies. Again Oxiracetam did not fail me. My mental clarity, discipline and ability to retain information were superb and I would not have survived that summer especially without it. I still have a long way to go with obtaining my PhD but I am so glad I can rely on Smart Drugs like Oxiracetam to help me push through.

Smart Drugs are not new; in fact they have been around in one for or another since the beginning of man. As with any supplement, whether derived from Mother Nature or laboratory science it is crucial that you seek out a notable source. I perhaps err on the side of overly critical or perhaps I am just more knowledgeable than the average consumer when it comes to reading scientific studies and proposed results, but it is critical that you review the information available to you when it comes to buying Smart Drugs. Not everyone will experience the side effects that are possible with any supplement but make note of what is possible so you can be sure the Smart Drug you are taking is right for you. Above all else, buying from a notable and reputable source is important.


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