Party Recovery using Smart Drugs

It’s just before noon, you awake, arm draped over the side of your bed, empty beer cans on your nightstand, head throbbing. Quickly you rush to the bathroom to relieve yourself of the mess that has been sitting in your stomach all night, wondering why the heck you did it all… again. You like to party, you can’t deny it, but you really don’t like the party’s aftermath. If only there was something that could help relieve the pain, the nausea and the mind numbness the next day.

Enter in smart drugs. You may have heard about smart drugs before, as natural substances used to improve brain function, helping you think clearer, feel great and work smarter, but you probably didn’t know they are a great after-party recovery supplementation too. They can give you the energy you wasted last night, get rid of that brain cloudiness and replace lost minerals, vitamins while also repairing the damage to your brain cells and liver. That seems like a tall order, but get the best smart drugs for the job and you’ve got yourself a party recovery smart drug cocktail (and you thought you didn’t need any more cocktails!).

What Smart Drugs Can Help?

There is a large variety of smart drugs that can help with your excess party recovery. Taken on their own or together will all depend on your symptoms and what sort of relief you might need. Typical consequences of a night of hard partying include:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Depletion of vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins
  • Imbalanced sugar levels
  • Taxed neurological system
  • Taxed liver

Symptoms of the above include:

  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Lack of ability to make decisions


Sure a cup of coffee will wake you up enough to get up and go to work or head out to the next party, but taking caffeine as it comes in a smart drug is a much better solution as the dosage is correct and you won’t dehydrate your body more.


Taken in combination with caffeine, these nootropic stacks will definitely wake you up, having you raring to go and move on with your day, forgetting about how utterly exhausted you were when you woke up. A quick shower and some caffeine and L-theanine and you’ll be good to go.


You may have heard of this smart drug from some of your weightlifting pals, as many of them use it to help get energy to their muscles. Well, it does this, but it also brings energy to your brain and this can give you enough of an energy boost to get over that 2-hour sleep session you had last night.


Largely a prescription drug, Modafinil is like bringing out the big guns. It is meant to help with a bunch of different ailments, but you can use it as a party recovery smart drug to get you up and out of bed. You will get a pretty large boost from this smart drug.

Alpha GPC

To up your vitamin and mineral levels, Alpha GPC is a great source of Choline, which you can also get from food like eggs, but you’d need to eat quite a few eggs each day to get the amount of Choline you actually need. As most people are already Choline-deficient, excess drinking and substance use can really deplete your reserves. Using a smart drug like Alpha GPC along with a Racetam will produce a synergistic effect in your brain and get you some much-needed energy after a long night.


This heavily-studied smart drug has been around for longer than most people. There have even been studies on its effect after using drugs and alcohol and there have been positive results. Piracetam can help you with your withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, as well as give you a cognitive boost.


Because alcohol and drugs can mess up your REM sleep, you’ll definitely wake up not feeling rested, even if you slept all night, if you went to bed toasted. Taking melatonin will calm your brain enough to let you get some good and restful sleep and you’ll probably wake up with less of a hangover.

Vitamin B-12

Because hangovers typically involve depletion of B vitamins, B-12 can generally help the day after your binge. But, relying on it alone may not give you enough of an effect to rid you of symptoms.


Enter in magnesium, which is safe to take along with the B-12, and you may see yourself almost completely recovering from whatever substances you ingested the night before and possibly getting back out there for more.


Typically used for depressive symptoms and anxiety, 5-HTP is also a great party recovery smart drug, especially when that party involves substances other than alcohol like MDMA, psychedelics, cocaine and other pretty toxic drugs. Because these substances on their own will mimic or stimulate dopamine and serotonin in the brain (and make you feel really good), when those effects wear off, your levels are lower than before and you will feel worse than normal. 5-HTP can’t work alone in boosting serotonin and dopamine and you’ll need other amino acids to work in conjunction with it.

If you make the choice to get out there and party, while also consuming alcohol and drugs, you may have to suffer the consequences of what it can possibly do to your brain and your body (and possibly other aspects of your life). But, you can counteract some of the harmful effects using the best smart drugs for your purpose. As always, talk to your health care practitioner before taking smart drugs and learn more about what dosage you’ll need for your body.

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