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Where do I start? Phenylpiracetam is the be all and end all when it comes to Smart Drugs, in my opinion. I returned to work after what many would consider a very short maternity leave. The brain fog was like nothing I ever thought was possible. Long nights at the office and interrupted sleep on top of what was absolutely the most significant life change to date, was more than I could have ever imagined. I could not seem to get my act together and I was pretty sure I was being my own worst enemy but could not for the life of me figure out what to do or what could give in order for me feel like myself again.  Sure my husband offered to take a night feed when he could but he is faced with a long commute in the morning and the thought of him falling asleep at the wheel just added to my anxiety about the whole situation. I was feeling guilty about not being home when I was at work and I was feeling guilty about not being in the office when I was at home. I tried to bring my work home with me but it wasn’t realistic, ultimately I wanted to be with my baby in the very few hours I was at home each day, if at all. I was feeling pulled in all different directions. I started doing some general research on new mommy brain fog and some of the more obvious suggestions seemed to just want to eat more of my precious time…joining a mommy and baby boot camp class, seeking out a baby group, taking up yoga. Of course I wanted to do of these suggestions but there was no way I could carve anymore time out of my day. I stumbled on Smart Drugs and how they relate to brain fog and mental performance, and although I am very much not a person who seeks out a cure all pill I figured giving it a try for a few weeks wouldn’t hurt and I looked at it as a jumping off point. I was perhaps putting all my eggs into one basket but to say I could actually understand what it meant to feel a little desperate, truly desperate, for the first time in my life was an understatement. I wasn’t breastfeeding anymore so I had no concerns there, I talked it over with my husband to get a second opinion and we both agreed that if I experienced any unusual side effects or if he witnessed any odd behavior that I would stop taking them, after all I had never taken Smart Drugs before and we were understandably cautiously optimistic. The Phenylpiracetam arrived on a Wednesday but I waited till the Monday to take my first dose, I wasn’t really sure what to expect and I also wasn’t sure how long I would have to take them before I noticed a difference, if at all. Plus it was, and continues to be, my understanding that Phenylpiracetam is not intended to be used on a regular basis and that with increased use the effectiveness becomes less prominent. I figured I would try it and see what I think then go from there. The benefits were pretty much immediate, I felt more alert, the brain fog completely dissipated and for the first time since returning to work, I felt like my old self again. I reserved taking it again for the mornings that wee particularly draggy or on the days where I needed to be on for an important meeting, a heavy workday and once for a significant firm presentation. Even though I wasn’t taking it every day the benefits were far reaching outside of the days I actually took Phenylpiracetam. My performance at work increased, my mental energy, including focus, concentration and recall was increasing and because I was able to perform at a higher capacity I no longer had as many late nights in the office and that meant that when I was home I was completely present with my family. As a result I noticed my anxiety was much more manageable and dare I say non-existent. The field I am in has tight deadlines and we are consistently under stress with pressure to not only meet the deadlines but to knock it out of the park with strategy and effectiveness for our clients. I don’t think it is a coincidence that I am able to handle more stress since taking this Smart Drug. I would highly recommend not only new moms but also anyone who is looking to clear the fog and increase their mental performance and sharpen their mind to try Phenylpiracetam.

Now that all being said if I had still been breastfeeding I probably would not have gone this route. The studies I read did not have conclusive information with regards to taking while pregnant and breastfeeding; there would have definitely been a discussion with my doctor before proceeding. Of course regardless it is important to ensure that what you are ingesting is safe for you, after all if you aren’t looking after you then you will be in no shape to care for anyone else. Also, I was happy to have the support of my husband, it made the decision that much easier. Oh and I forgot to mention another great outcome from discovering Phenylpiracetam, I not only found the time but I also had the energy to join a mommy & me boot camp three times a week. It has been great to connect with other new moms and it has given me a new way to release my stress.


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