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I started taking Picamilon to aid in reducing the frequency of my debilitating headaches. For years I thought the cause of my headaches was related to the changes in barometric pressure, but it was not until I started tracking the frequency of my headaches that I realized they are linked to my cycle. I relied on over the counter pain meds for years, as most people do, but they didn’t really cut it and at best they would dull the pain enough that I could rest. I only wish I had known about it a decade ago, it would have saved me many days of pain and being bedridden over those years. Because I now know when the headaches will occur based on my calendar and cycle I can fairly accurately predict which days to take the Smart Drug. The reason the Picamilon helps in reducing and basically eliminating my symptoms all together, depending on the month, is because it acts as a vasodilator thanks to the Niacin (Vitamin B3) that is in this supplement. It is my understanding that when something is a vasodilator, it relaxes your blood vessels allowing a higher amount of blood flow to be delivered to your brain, which ultimately is delivering a larger amount of oxygen. Taking control of my headaches has provided me with a great sense of accomplishment and personal freedom. It is a horrible feeling knowing that each and every month you will be stricken with a headache so fierce that no matter what you have planned that day you know that at the first piercing pain behind your eye and sudden onset of being nauseous that will have to retreat to your dark bedroom. I am able to reclaim my day with little to no concerns of a headache taking over. It also gives me a little mental jump for the day, which I think is related to the increased oxygen the extra blood flow provides. The days I take the Smart Drug have proven to be some of my most accomplished days in regards to knocking projects or tasks off my list. I really cannot stress enough how amazing this has been for me. As a mother to three little girls our daily life can be busy, between dance class, gymnastics, school, homework, play dates on top of the everyday chores and responsibilities I want to be as present as possible in their little lives as I know the time will go far too fast. I don’t want my girls to have a consistent memory of their mom being ill and unavailable, so I will continue to control what I can about this for as long as I can.

I cannot really speak to the other potential benefits Picamilon has had for people including lessening anxiety and stress, however I do believe it has indirectly reduced my stress levels. My husband has also had success on the few occasions that he has taken Picamilon after a night of overindulging with his buddies. I initially suggested it to him the morning after his 40th birthday bash and with some encouragement he gave it a try. Normally we would be sluggish and hung-over for two to three days, it sucks getting older sometimes, but the supplement pretty much relieved us of all hangover symptoms giving us the energy to go about our day, and the few days afterwards, as normal.  We don’t indulge as often as we used to simply because we don’t have the time and it is no longer a priority to socialize in that way anymore, but every once in a while it is nice to let loose and behave like fools. I know I do not take it as often as some other people have reported but this seems to work for me and frankly I do not want to take it unless I have to. I would absolutely hate for it to stop working when I need it to the most, which is for my headaches. Plus it is apparently counter productive to over take it and the recommended dose maximum 2x a week.

I have read that some people experience trouble sleeping when they take Picamilon, I on the other hand do not. I think this is perhaps connected to the fact that when I take it I also don’t notice an increased energy level, which I do not experience. This could be related to when or why I take it. Perhaps if I were to use it on a normal day when I wasn’t feeling the looming signs and symptoms of a headache or recovering from a night of shenanigans, I may have a different experience to report. But again, I don’t want to abuse it especially when it is working so well for me with its intended purpose.

It has been my experience that Picamilon is not as widely available as other Smart Drugs are. Once you discover if it does in fact work for you and you find a good reliable and reputable retailer, I suggest you try and buy it in a reasonable bulk order. I know there are other Smart Drugs that serve as vasodilator’s such as Pramiracetam and Vinpocetine, so if it ever proves to be near impossible to find on the market from a notable source I am willing to give these alternative Smart Drugs a chance.

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