The Place of Nootropics in Modern Medicine

“To array a man’s will against his sickness is the supreme art of medicine. “ (Henry Ward Beecher)

The word medicine in fact refers to the science of the diagnosis and the treatment of disease in humans. The word generally is also directed towards all the medical healing procedures that do not require an entry in the body. It is in contrast to surgery in this regard. The concept in modern medicine is to develop a system of healthcare where people are treated with minimal side effects, and return to their original state of health.

Modern medicine is heavily based on the use of different drugs in order to treat different diseases and bodily disorders. One of the most problematic areas of modern medicine still is the tackling of diseases that affect our mind. We still do not understand the functions of the brain with as much clarity as we do about the rest of the human body. This makes it difficult to develop drugs that are able to treat people with mental health problems. Let us look at the role of smart drugs now in the field of medicine.


Smart drugs are Nootropic drugs that alter the chemicals that control and affect brain functions. Nootropics usually include ingredients safe to consume such as vitamins and minerals that are known to positively affect the functions of the brain. Here are some of the best smart drugs:

  • Eugeroics: These are some of the top smart drugs that are currently in use. They are mild stimulants as well. They are known to improve the mental functions in a number of ways. They are excellent to improve sleep apnea problems.
  • Xanthines: These include chemicals such as caffeine that we already know and use in the everyday life to stay awake and active. They work as mental stimulants and can be used to get an energy boost in the time of need such as when studying extra for the exams.
  • L-Theanine: This chemical is responsible for increasing mental alertness and can improve performance of individuals, especially when they have to switch between different mental tasks in a single day. The use of this drug allows a person to quickly shift to different mental activities and still keep high levels of concentration and mental ability.

Nootropics for Diseases

Nootropic supplements work as ideal medicines and can cure or alleviate mental health symptoms experienced by people around the world. But, problems can arise with their use because people start to misuse these medications and mask the great potential of these drugs in terms of increasing mental attention and helping people to do well in a number of environments.

The Future of Nootropics

We may see Nootropic therapies becoming the norm in the future. Right now, we have limited knowledge about many of these supplements, but this situation will clearly change with current research.

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