The Prescription Free Smart Drugs No One Told You About

Smart Drugs are any sort of food or manufactured compound that boosts your mental abilities. Your memory function, your mood, ability to concentrate, and motivation all fall under this. You may hear these substances being referred to as neuro-enhancing drugs and supplements or Nootropics. This is because most of the new medicines and vitamins influence the brain in an almost identical way.

This asks the question of why not just go for vitamins that you can simply pick up from the supermarket? Here are some of the top dietary vitamins in the market that could safely double as some of the best smart drugs.


Theanine is present in mushrooms and green tea, but is also sold in the form of supplements. The FDA has deemed the drug safe and small experiments and studies have found that a combination of this and caffeine, also something you can pick up at one of the aisles in the super market, is strong enough to greatly improve alertness and focus. However it was also noted that these effects were not long lasting. Theanine is also noted to enhance quality of sleep in males, while also influencing neurotransmitters that prevent brain dysfunction caused by beta amyloid.


This is very much popular amongst gym rats, and amateur athletes. The supplement is taken as a performance booster, but in the last ten years has proven to be a great nuero-enhancer too. In one study, researchers tested this hypothesis and found that the participants had a positive effect on both memory and intelligence. The researchers also noted how they would see positive results of creatine on brain performance in omnivores, relatively more than those consume mostly meat.


DHA is technically an Omega 3 fatty acid. It is present in seaweed and fish, and is great for improving memory while also shielding from different psychiatric disorders. Different surveys of people with depression show that depleted levels of this particular fatty acids led to symptoms similar to depression. That being said it is still not proven whether fatty acid supplementation was ever effective in relieving depression of any intensity. But there is a study that shows how DHA can help protect the mind against impairments like dementia, and even lower the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Passionflower is popular for being a treatment for anxiety, which is an effect that is only proven in some studies, and not all. There are people who have been using passionflower to treat conditions like neuralgia, insomnia, and the withdrawal symptoms that come with prior use of sleep aid drugs from the class of benzodiazepines. Patients who are treated by dentists and undergo surgery are treated with passionflower to reduce apprehension.

If you are thinking about which one to go with, remember to discuss the suitability of each with your doctor before taking this to the checkout counter. Also not all supplements are made the same way, most of them have additives and flavoring, which some people are allergic to.

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