The Real Difference Between Smart Drugs and Nootropics

Most people would refer to all neuro-enhancers as both Smart Drugs and Nootropics. But you cannot just pick a drug with  a game of eeny-meeny-miny-mo. How can you tell which is better suited to your condition, how can you tell if anything is effective or safe? Think about how each drug affects your brain individually. Here is most of your homework on this question.


A Nootropic is a generally non-prescribed compound that includes natural and synthetic vitamins, herbs, and several different supplements. It is used to both protect and enhance cognition. The preponderance of the studies done in the past four decades show effects on aspects of cellular metabolism, aging and concentration on tasks with usage.

The real definition of Nootropic is a substance that improves cognition without posing any adverse side effects. In the modern context we may think of it as something that is used to treat some pathology or a mental illness. However, they instead help to enhance mental function, shield against any potential of long term health risk, and provide a regular boost mentally.

Genuine Nootropic ingredients and blends are crafted to leverage synergy effects that are suggested in different researches and subjective approaches. The goal is to provide higher and consistent cognitive flow, without any side effects or interference of harsh substance. However some of the best Smart Drugs are not identical to Nootropics in this.

Smart Drugs

A Smart Drug is one that is generally prescribed as a medication or an off-label drug that is used primarily to treat cognitive or mental disorders. The most common types here are Adderall, and Ritalin, present in the stimulant class and used to treat symptoms that are related to ADHD, even though legally and illegally off label use is extremely important. Now while this may promote energy and focus in individuals, so many people undergo dramatic side effects because of it that affects both brain and body. These supplements are also the ones that produce norepinephrine and dopamine spikes.

The result of all these effects on the brain includes addiction, but that is not all; natural Smart Drugs can do a number on a person’s appetite, stress levels, cardiac stability, and even mood. These effects are more notable on younger brains like those of teenagers. With stimulant use of these drugs, cognitive and emotional problems can easily creep up.

Popular supplements make use of narcolepsy agents like Modafinil and Adranifil, the only proven effects of these substances is that they wake you up and keep you alert, the rest of the effects are still not proven to be a 100% effective in all those who take them.

“….Common adverse events with modafinil include insomnia, headache, nausea, nervousness and hypertension. Decreased appetite, weight loss and serious dermatological have been reported with greater frequency in children and adolescents…” – Approved and Investigational Uses of Modafinil, Kumar(2008)

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