A Reality Check on Smartness Meter of Smart Drugs

Smart drugs have proven to be a revelation for people in this day and age, and have been known to enhance the cognitive performance of the brain. However, doubts still remain regarding the effectiveness of these drugs and whether they can be taken safely. Some of the most common questions related are:

  • Would smart drugs really make me smart?
  • Do these supplements work?
  • How safe are they?

It is reasonable to ask these questions before taking the synthetic cognitive enhancers. A cup of coffee improves concentration for a given time period, but students, entrepreneurs, techies, scientists, and everyone in high pressure jobs need something more. They need better memory retention, improved decision-making power, and effective cognition. The pharmacological smart drugs list claims to have all of these benefits, but do they really work?

The Mechanism of Cognitive Enhancers

Any supplement that enhances the cognitive ability of the brain without causing any side effects can be defined as a smart drug. There are countless different kinds of these, but how does one define the best smart drugs for people? This question is answered by the purpose for which one is attempting to use them. These drugs are designed to provide a person with specific effects, which reflects on their requirements for taking them.

The Categorized Mechanisms

Understanding the mechanism and drug types will allow you to make a more informed decision regarding the type of smart drug that you should take. Here is a brief insight into the kinds of nootropic drugs available to the common user:

  • Cholinergics – These increase acetylcholine levels for activating neurons and making new connections in the brain. They are effective for long-term memory retention.
  • Dopaminergics – These improve brain activity by increasing the dopamine levels in brain. These are also helpful in overcoming stress, depression, and other factors that suppress brain activity.
  • Racetams – Cholinergics and Racetams belong to the same family. They also activate neurons to enhance brain activity, improve communication, and improve cognition.
  • Adaptogens – These are herbal derivative compounds, which reduce the influence of environmental stressors on your body, and help maintain the cellular systems.
  • Serotonergics – They help in controlling the key mood hormones and neurotransmitters. They are effective for improving appetite, sleeping patterns, mood, depression, insomnia, and attention deficit.
  • Metabolic – True to their name, they are helpful in improving nutrient supply to the brain for overall enhanced activity.
  • Stimulants – They work in a similar manner to caffeine. Stimulants are effective for wakefulness, alertness, concentration, increased energy, focus, and memory.

Are They Effective?

Categorization mainly depends on the effectiveness of the drugs. The effectiveness of these drugs entirely depends on the type that you choose.

Barbara Sahakian, a professor of clinical neuropsychology at Cambridge, states that at least one in four students have experimented with Modafinil. However, this explosive consumption of drugs is harmful to their long-term health. Barbara further explained her claim that students don’t really know how to use the effects of smart drugs, since simply taking them isn’t going to provide you with magical brain qualities or powers.

If a student wants to benefit from supplementation, they need to know the exact effects of the drug, and how it will help them gain an advantage. For example, certain ones will activate the mood and energy of a person, who may have taken it to treat his insomnia. Similarly, other ones can be ineffective for overcoming depression and stress.

Final Verdict

The effectiveness of smart drugs is evident from their increasing global consumption. If you want to avail all of the benefits then you need to choose them wisely.

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