Are Smart Drug Users Plain Old Cheaters

A Dream Turning Into a Reality

Humans have always wanted to improve what they already have. People want to make sure their future is easier than their past. For that, they have continued to make millions of dollars of investments in technologies, etc. A dream that humans have always had is that of being able to become a super human, where by their abilities are enhanced and they can do things that would seem impossible to an ordinary human.

While no such indication exists that this goal is close to bearing fruit, there have been developments that hint at the possibility of such a break. Smart drugs are an example of people being able to create medicines that can enhance the working of their brain. While it isn’t quiet realization of the dream of being a superhuman, it is being regarded as a first step in that direction.

Performance Enhancing Drug

In the world of sport, there are a number of performance enhancing drugs that have been banned. A performance enhancing drug allows the body to go beyond its limit and perform at a level that a normal body would find hard to match. But these drugs that have been banned by sports authorities are usually drugs which affect the physical health of the athlete.

The argument some people make is that when drugs that affect the physical health of an athlete can be banned, why shouldn’t drugs that affect the mental health and workings of the brain be banned? If a person is cheating when they take performance enhancing drugs to push their body further than their rival, then why is the case any different when students take smart drugs to get through an examination or be ‘smarter’ than their colleagues?

Is it really cheating?

According to Guerrero a Nootropic researcher, in Brooklyn, “These aren’t pills that will naturally make you smarter. Nootropics [can] help you to an extent, but you still have to do all the work”. In the opinion of most people who use this drug, this drug is no different from health supplements for the body. They believe that much like some people take vitamins and health supplements to enhance their health, similarly people should be allowed to use these supplements. The use of supplements does not amount to cheating because:

  • Even the best smart drugs cannot help someone who is dumb become smart. A person who is already smart can enhance their capabilities, but it cannot bring about a wholesome change in the way a person’s mind works.
  • Even students who use this drug have to study each and every subject in depth to ensure that their mind can retain all that they have learned. Simply taking the drug doesn’t guarantee that they’ll pass.

It can be concluded that while these drugs may not be the flavor of the town yet, equating use of this drug to cheating is a farfetched theory.

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