Are Smart Drugs Conquering the Workplace

Nootropics, the revolutionary supplements, have made their way to workplaces, invading minds and working their smart magic. They enhance cognitive function and increase your mental focus, thus accelerating your productivity in the workplace. For managers, they receive a robotic and fast-paced workforce in return.

For employees, it improves their performance. Hence, it is a win-win situation for both employees and company heads. Even though widespread adoption of nootropics in the workplace is still in its beginning stages, organizations have knowingly turned a blind eye to some of their employees using brain boosters.

Most organizations work their employees to the bone while most employees do mind putting in the extra effort or the hours. The office has become a competitive place and for employees, a battleground to rise to the top of the ranks. When they can get their hands on a smart pill, why should they ignore the opportunity to do so?

According to a survey conducted by Nature, one in five respondents said they took nootropics for non-medical reasons to increase their memory, focus, and concentration. The same survey reported that the usage of the drugs was higher in participants aged 18 to 25. The website conducted the survey in 2008, but from the results, you get an idea on the usage. In 2016 and beyond, you can expect this to become the norm in both educational institutions and workplaces.

Reasons Why Employees Want to Buy Smart Drugs

Employees may rely on taking smart supplements for a number of different reasons. Some of the most common ones include:

  • To receive a competitive advantage
  • To increase their productivity
  • To improve their performance
  • To receive recognition
  • To guarantee a promotion

Is It Ethical?

As mentioned previously, organizations have remained silent on the issue of whether taking brain enhancing drugs is morally right or not. However, identification of someone using smart drugs is difficult, as they don’t have the typical side effects as illegal drugs.

For employees who do not partake in supplement usage, they may view their co-workers as getting an unfair advantage over them. People who are on edge about using any one of the best smart drugs currently on the market will be keener on taking it if their organization openly promotes it. Otherwise, people who are taking it to boost their productivity and focus will have to resort to taking it in secrecy.

According to Dr. Andrew Hill who has a Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience, If you’re trying […] cosmetic enhancement of your [mind], my perspective is that the tradeoff should be […] carefully considered.”

Regardless of the type of cognitive enhancer you are planning to try to enhance your productivity and focus, it is important for one to consider all the factors and conduct detailed research on whether they should take it or not.

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