Should You Take Smart Drugs at Work

Drugs that are designed to aid people suffering from brain conditions by improving their concentration and memory, while also reducing risk taking and impulsive behavior, are slowly creeping into the daily intake of perfectly healthy people. And why should anyone blame them? People constantly want to do better as they compete with the world, study harder, cope when stressed out, and be the fastest to execute a task. It is predicted that the use of Smart Drugs is only likely to incline from here on now.

Doctors, pilots, shift workers, and truck drivers all take neuro-enhancers. In the military, the consistent use of these brain enhancers has been common. This is because of an overwhelming amount of proof that they really do work. Modafinil, for example, has positive effects for people suffering from sleep deprivation. It affects the ability to make better decisions and your sense of creativity. Employees who work with sensitive tasks cannot afford to be tired at work, especially if you are someone like a surgeon who has to stand through hours of surgery. In such cases, popping a smart pill feels like a very smart decision.

On top of this, nootropics are not that hard to come by. Most smart pills do not even require that you get a prescription for them. Modanifil shows an annual market share of $700 million. This figure does not account the off-label use of the same smart drug. It is true that the drugs can be easily bought over the internet; the conditions are different in different regions, but they are perfectly legal to purchase.

Should Anyone Take Them?

So these drugs are effective, easily accessible and nobody really seems to mind a bit of productivity here and there. Should people really be browsing for the best Smart Drugs money can buy?

The increased use of supplements has alerted some organizations into comparing it to doping i.e., cheating. The policy at Duke University was amended to clearly state:

“…use of prescription medicine to enhance academic performance” should be treated as cheating…”

 Sure, chemically induced brain enhancement is worth exploring, but it is also a way for people to be able to fulfill their potential, and leave it to others to worry about the consequences that occur in the long term. Choosing to have natural Smart Drugs during work, even though you are not addicted to these, is first of all an ethical decision you need to make. If you decide you are ok with the use of supplementation, speak to your doctor about what’s right for you and the best ones to take for your conditions.

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