The Truth about Cognitive Enhancers

Brain supplements, smart drugs or cognitive enhancers are not a new trend; scientists, students, people involved in creative arts have all been taking these drugs which claim to help them perform on tasks so much better. They claim that these enhancers not only improve their concentration, but also do wonders for their attention, memory and creativity thus they are able to do more work, with improved efficiency levels.

Cognitive enhancers are so commonly used that you no longer even need a medical prescription for them.  From students to corporate slaves, all seem to be “work doping” more and more; this is a concept where the afore mentioned target population is relying on popping pills to help them get good grades and  put in those extra hours to close that very important deal.

Top 5 Best Smart Drugs:

With the trend of taking cognitive enhancers on the rise, more and more smart drugs are being introduced in the market; however the top 5 remain the same:

Do Cognitive Enhancers Cast a Shadow on the Brain’s Naturally Secreted Substances?

While we cannot deny that a large portion of the population propagates using cognitive enhancers and they feel that if a supplement does help you to get the job done and that too in a better manner, then what is the harm?

Actually, cognitive enhancers do not come without side effects. For this reason, the remaining half of the population does not believe in taking these drugs to enhance performance. Plus, they feel that the brain is already secreting substances like serotonin, dopamine etc which should be enough for any person to do their best and if they take help from outside via cognitive enhancers, they are actually cheating on their work. If you want to excel at what you are doing, making use of the naturally produced substances inside your body should be enough to get the job done.

The Dark Side of Cognitive Enhancers:

While there is no denying that taking a smart pill can and does improve your mental functioning, but not without harming your system. In fact, people with mild mental impairments should steer clear away from these drugs. Studies are being done to test what all damage can these drugs end up doing to people with mild cognitive impairments and they have found out that contrary to the popular opinion of nootropics delaying the onset of dementia, there is actually no established correlation between the two factors.

There has been no proof of a completely safe smart drug as yet. Some cognitive enhancers carry fewer side effects, and some more but the bottom line remains: they all carry side effects. This is exactly why in some places like Canada, you still cannot get a safety drug without having a medical prescription for it. Unless or until a health professional believes you really need them, you are much better off without them.

“Our results do not support the use of cognitive enhancers for patients with mild cognitive impairment. These agents were not associated with any benefit and led to an increase in harms.”

Canadian Medical Association Journal

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