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A few years back at Christmas time my wife gifted me with a trip to Banff, Canada to visit my younger brother. He had been living out west for a couple of years and we unfortunately had had an opportunity to connect in person since he came through on a solo bicycle tour of Ontario before heading off to Australia, New Zealand and Asia for a year. He biked his way across those countries picking up sous chef jobs as he went, I can only imagine how amazing that life experience must have been. During his time away he met a girl from Sweden and they eventually moved to Canada and settled down in Banff. So as you can imagine I was excited and eager to catch up with him and to meet the infamous Anna who stole his heart. We have always been an active family, often challenging ourselves to do things others would shake their heads at (like the bicycle tour across Ontario). I knew that my brother had become quite the avid mountain explorer and I was looking forward to experiencing some climbing of my own once we reunited that coming summer. I did my best to train for our adventures, focusing on endurance, cardio and hiking wherever and whenever I could. But without having access to the type of ranges here in Ontario as they do in Alberta, I realized fairly early on our first climb that it wasn’t so much my cardiovascular that was proving to be a challenge but my bodies overall adaption to the change in altitude. We took it slow and we were able to fit in a few climbs while I was there but I didn’t perform to quite the standards that I hold myself to. My pride was a bit shot; especially being the older brother, there is a natural unspoken competitiveness between the two of us. Fast forward 4 years and my wife and I decided to take the family to visit their uncle, we had wanted to take our kids out west for a while and they were finally a great age for such a trip. The first thing the bro and I planned was where we would climb, it was a range that we didn’t get a chance to do the last time and I knew it was going to be a challenge but I was determined to get this one under my belt. This time around I made a few trips to the Adirondack Mountains in New York and I also started introducing a Smart Drug called Vinpocetine as I had been told that it is known for improving oxygenation to the brain through increased blood flow. According to the website, this is achieved by causing a small dilation of the blood vessels. I wasn’t really going to know how well the increase blood flow to the brain would help me or even if I would notice a difference until I was out there, if at all, but I figured it could only help me. But from day one, on the days when I would take Vinpocetine I did notice that I felt more alert and in tune with what was going on around me. I really liked this new sense of preparedness, like I was ready for anything that would get thrown my way that day. The second trip out to Banff was a huge success for so many reasons, but selfishly I am ecstatic that I had the opportunity to climb again with my brother and ultimately was able to perform better than I had expected. I did not feel sluggish or tired this time out, I was able to match my brothers pace.  Despite the crazy fog we experienced on the climb, we made exceptional time.  Rightfully so, my wife questioned if it was the Smart Drugs that made the difference or the extra training, but I can confidently say that it was a combination of the two. I tried my best to explain to her how I know this is true based on the different sensations I would feel when I would take Vinpocetine, but really unless you experience that for yourself it’s hard to fully get it. So despite the act that I will not be making another trip out west anytime soon, I will continue to use the Smart Drug Vinpocetine occasionally because I do like the heightened mental alertness it provides me. I think, as I get older it will prove to be invaluable, because like most people over 40 will tell you, you start to notice you aren’t as sharp as you used to be.

I am 100% satisfied with the online supplier I am using and I cannot stress enough about being diligent in your research of supplements and finding what works best for you. Buying top quality Smart Drugs from a reputable source is of the utmost importance.  I believe this is true because if you are introducing a supplement with an excessive amount of fillers you will end up cheating yourself of the proposed benefits. The best piece of advice I read when I was looking for a supplier was from a fellow reviewer, which stated the importance of not only what I mentioned above regarding fillers and quality but also the importance of reading what other reviewers have to say (within reason of course).


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